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Autumn Light

7:30 on a Sunday? Sorry, does not compute. But my phone is binging cheerfully at me, the little sod, a cat is asleep on my head, beloved is a whiffling heap under the duvet and […]

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Firstly, a disclaimer: I don’t live in Humberside. Now that’s neither for nor against the place, simply a statement of elsewhereness. But hold that thought while I digress. I’m also a considerable fan of road […]

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Lots More on the A84…

We have a problem: on a mere twenty miles of one local road, the A84, bikers are dying. One is too many, and what we have are many too many doing so. So herewith a few hints on cooling it, enjoying it and surviving it…

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A821 Dukes Pass

The A821 is probably the most astonishing roads in the UK: reminiscent of an alpine pass, it’s the best way to have huge fun at low-speed and to have a damn good workout at the same time.

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