Got the bike, wobbled around a bit. Now I’ve got a choice — I can spend time getting myself back into the groove or I can try to short-circuit the whole thing with some training. There’s a wide range of choices here — I could go back to Genesis and have them teach me about the mysteries of the clutch lever again; I can go to a track-based school such as the California Superbike School or I can join a club that provides advanced training. I can’t be bothered with the first, don’t feel ready for the second, so that leaves the club approach. Around us that’s the Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists.

Now here we have a problem. The WVAM are affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and put a great deal of dedicated effort into training people up to the standard required for the advanced motorcycling test. A very worthy and worthwhile thing to do. And that’s the problem — the IAM has a very worthy and very, very boring image — visions of legions of Belstaff and Sam Browne- bedecked old farts with their elderly BMWs nailed to a 68mph maximum.

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