This blog started more than twenty years ago, to document my return to the world of motorcycling and, specifically, to Ducatis. It’s evolved since, bringing on board my interests in and commitment to, advanced training and road safety as a member of the IAM and RoSPA,  my professional life in autonomous and intelligent systems and, now, the transport-related parts of our transition to a somewhat more sustainable life. My opinion is my own, but hopefully evidence-based, and my tongue remains firmly in cheek.

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  1. Adrian

    Hi Richard, just a quick line to say I really enjoyed your site, very informative. I’ve been considering buying a used Multistrada and have been struggling to find long term reviews on the web so yours were a great help. I must confess my enthusiasm has somewhat waned given the long list of issues you’ve had. It’s very noticeable the change in your thoughts on the bike from the first article to the last. A MS a couple of years newer than yours may have had a lot of the issues rectified but I’m not convinced. I’ve been to look at a few and most of the have had bubbling engine case paint and corroded bolts here and there. Having said that, they’re not brand new so I maybe setting my expectations too high.

    Once again thanks for the site, a really good read.

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