Month: February 2006

Small and Perfectly Formed…

Here’s a thing: a non-Italian bike, sight of which had me screeching to a halt outside the dealer while going about my business of the day. I can’t think of anything save the current R1 that’s managed that before. So here’s a teaser: My photoshoot of the very new, very shiny Triumph Daytona 675, in tasteful dark grey:

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All images are copyright © Richard Harris, 2006. And watch this space: There’s a full road test on the Daytona 675 coming to this site, very soon indeed…

Butting In…

The Ducati STx bikes have pretty good seats. For a Ducati. That actually doesn’t do them justice — several 500 mile-plus days without major pain, loss of feeling or feelings of self-flagellation have demonstrated that. However, to be picky, the side ridges of the rider’s perch can start digging into the inner thigh after a few hundred miles, and one 600-mile two-up epic revealed a few, ah, points of discomfort for my uncomplaining pillion — it wasn’t anything she said as much as the very fine John Wayne impression she did on dismounting. So several alternatives presented themselves: the buy-in, from Corbin or Sargent, a new model year Ducati OEM seat (they’re distinctly plusher on the butt) or the full custom route.

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