Month: February 2006

Small and Perfectly Formed…

Here’s a thing: a non-Italian bike, sight of which had me screeching to a halt outside the dealer while going about my business of the day. I can’t think of anything save the current R1 that’s managed that before. So here’s a teaser: My photoshoot of the very new, very shiny Triumph Daytona 675, in tasteful dark grey:

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All images are copyright © Richard Harris, 2006. And watch this space: There’s a full road test on the Daytona 675 coming to this site, very soon indeed…

Fool to Miss It: Rob Vine Fund Charity Auction, April 1, 2006

Haslemere Motorcycles are running a Charity auction in aid of the Rob Vine Fund on the 1st of April this year. The fund helps to keep the Isle of Man TT races and Manx Grand Prix running by funding medical equipment for the Manx Air Ambulance: quite simply, no Air Ambulance, no TT!

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Butting In…

The Ducati STx bikes have pretty good seats. For a Ducati. That actually doesn’t do them justice — several 500 mile-plus days without major pain, loss of feeling or feelings of self-flagellation have demonstrated that. However, to be picky, the side ridges of the rider’s perch can start digging into the inner thigh after a few hundred miles, and one 600-mile two-up epic revealed a few, ah, points of discomfort for my uncomplaining pillion — it wasn’t anything she said as much as the very fine John Wayne impression she did on dismounting. So several alternatives presented themselves: the buy-in, from Corbin or Sargent, a new model year Ducati OEM seat (they’re distinctly plusher on the butt) or the full custom route.

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