Month: June 2014

Analogue vs Digital, Part 3: Rise of The Mechatronics

In previous arm-wavings I’ve argued that a crucial factor in the move from Analogue to Digital experiences in vehicles is how much of the decision-making the vehicle does for itself, both to carry out its functions and to determine the amount of feedback it chooses to give you. Continue reading

Heading the Wrong Way

Welcome back, again. It’s been a while. Again. I started this blog in late 1998, to share thoughts and experiences as a  motorcyclist returning to the fold after a long lay-off, as many of us then were. Things have been a little quiet though these last few years, mainly due to the exigencies of restoring a 200-year-old Highland farmhouse and the consequential distinct lack of riding time. A deal of spectacularly bike-unfriendly weather hasn’t helped either, but here I am again, blog moved from my old faithful co-located server of the last nine years to a nice new cloud thingy, whence I can continue pontificating on the life, the universe, riding and driving. Of course stuff gets lost along the way: for the moment most of my posts still need to be updated with their photo galleries for the new system. Which will take a while, especially as I’m doing the same for a bunch of other blogs. I hope it’s easier in another decade.

So please bear with me on missing content and broken links. For the moment at least. Normal sarcasm will be resumed shortly.

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