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Bear with me, will you? I’ve been running this blog and site since late 1998 and have finally gotten around to migrating it all into my Two Worlds vServer engine, a set-up based on Movable Type content management system plus lots of other bits and pieces, held together with various hackettes (sorry, “ubiquity integration modules) in perl and php. Anyway, most of the raw content is across, but I’m still writing a few scripts to handle images and attachments, hence the sudden lack of photos, incriminating or otherwise. This will be completed very soon, at which point whatever passes for normal service will be resumed.

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  1. Mike Fahey

    Hi, What a fantastic site – as an enthusiastic ST4 owner I can see how useful this site will be. I have a lotus car and belong to a couple of Lotus forums which have also proved very useful
    Well Done

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