After a moderately soggy winter and some blusterily soggy early April days, today dawned bright, clear and without a cloud to sully the sky. With clients vaguely under control, I’d a couple of hours to bunk off and enjoy the arrival of Spring. So I did just that and trundled at a leisurely pace through Haslemere and thence onwards towards Chichester, picking up the pace on a nice selection of twisties.

One moment though – something’s different, and not just the weather: My bike’s handling has suddenly improved, and this time it’s nothing to d with the replacement of errant wheel bearings — that was last week. Turn-in is sharper, response mid-corner to input is more precise and generally the whole plot feels more planted and direct in it’s behaviour.
Which gave pause for thought — So what’s different from yesterday? A little warmer perhaps, but not enough change damping response that much, surely? It’s dry, so maybe my confidence is that bit higherpossibly true, but unlikely to change the subjective feel of the bike. Tyres stickier in the warmth? Some truth possibly, but unconvinced. So what was I doing that was different from yesterday? Not hungover today? True enough. Biorhythms in sync? God knows… Then it dawned: — today, I’d changed my gloves from my lined & padded winter gloves to my unlined summer ones. Far be it from me to draw crass comparisons, but condoms immediately sprang to mind. Worth thinking about though – and also thinking about what’s worn on the other points at which the body contacts the bike, although you’ll be pleased to hear that I’m unlikely to hit the street in tights, ballet shoes and Marigolds. No, really. So, what with the mechanics and the clothing sorted, I ‘m really looking forward to getting things well off the vertical as the weather improves. Here’s to another summer like last, please?