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Riding the Tiger: Panigale 1199S

Kneel on a rug with your hands on the ground in front of your shoulders. Now imagine the rug to be a low-flying magic carpet, responding to your demands at the speed of thought, where faster […]

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Rude Awakening

Leave a bike lying for too long and someone will find a use for it…

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AA: Absolutely Abominable

Ducati contract the AA to provide their roadside assistance. Which would be fine if the AA were remotely capable of carrying motorcycles safely…

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Plus Ça Change (Tweaking Part II)

Now here’s a suprise: The new Multistrada isn’t *quite* perfect. Here’s why…

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Dude, Where’s My Ducati?

I have a name for my new but non-appearing Multistrada: Godot…

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Firstly, a disclaimer: I don’t live in Humberside. Now that’s neither for nor against the place, simply a statement of elsewhereness. But hold that thought while I digress. I’m also a considerable fan of road […]

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Nothing for Years…

After years in the doldrums, the Sports Tourer market has perked up noticeably, with the launch of the Ducati Multistrada 1200 and the long-awaited Honda VFR1200. Similar market, similar capacities, but only one will do what it says on the box.

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Pass Wide and Slow — Bikes and Horses

How to do Horses: Encountering and Passing the Hairy Beasts of the Glen

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“Honey, I Spent The Aga Budget…”

First impressions of the Ducati Monster S4R as supporting act and of the 1098S as the main event.

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When You’ve Had Your Kicks On Route 66…

We’ve moved: The Ducati Diaries are now coming to you from the heart of the Scottish Highlands, with new roads, new bikes and new places to go and to photograph. Watch this space — we’ll be back soon…

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